What is the North American Representative Office of Shenzhen, P. R. China?

The North American Representative Office of Shenzhen, P. R. China (NAROS) is a U.S. based, business service provider representing the City of Shenzhen, China´s first Special Economic Zone. Directly sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Government and  Invest Shenzhen, NAROS offers guidance and consultation to North American companies wishing to enter the Chinese market by means of direct investment within in the City of Shenzhen, as well as to Shenzhen-based companies looking to enter the North American market. In addition, NAROS serves as a liason for the Shenzhen Municipal Government and acts as a point of contact for all economic related inquiries on behalf of the municipal government.
Mission Statement

As a cross-cultural business matchmaker and facilitator, NAROS aims to be an invaluable resource for North American companies desiring to do business in Shenzhen and the surrounding Pearl River Delta, as well as Shenzhen companies wishing to enter the North American market; strengthening the bilateral economic relationship between China and North America. 

Our Services

NAROS is staffed by experienced business professionals and experts with a background in international affairs and Chinese government policy, and is supported by the Shenzhen City Government, Invest Shenzhen, and various private alliances with key organizations and professional firms.   We provide free consultation and matchmaking services to North American companies, including market analysis on trade and investment opportunities in Shenzhen´s core and emerging industries, business development consulting, and matching of key development opportunities between Shenzhen and North America.  NAROS´ services also include maintaining field support, facilitating transactions, and initiating government connections in China.