DuPont China Holdings Co., Ltd
"Advanced awareness of government services, along with clear and transparent industrial policies, has created a good environment for investment. Being compatible with foreign cultures, outstanding people are able to bring out the best, and make due contributions to the regional economic and social development”.
Lai Wenhua
General Manager of the Shenzhen plant and Guangzhou Branch.

Wal-Mart (China) Investment Co., Ltd
"Wal-Mart has witnessed the development of Shenzhen in the last 12 years. Truly it is a city with an open, transparent, efficient and good environment for investments.”
Chen Yaochang
Global Senior Vice President and Chinese President & CEO

Foxconn Technology Group
"Shenzhen acts as the engine for the international cause of Foxconn. All this in line with enlightened vision of the leadership team, superior and sound investment environment, dynamic and harmonious immigration team, is the power source of Foxconn to start from Shenzhen, and get access to the forest of world top 500 enterprises.”
Li Jinming
Head of Business

Epson Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
“As the one of wholly foreign-owned enterprises first making investment in Shenzhen, Epson Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd has witnessed the development of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, and achieved good results. We will, as always, be in our efforts to create a credit business. At the same time, we will also make due contributions to the geographical and social development.”
Seiichi Fujisaki
General Manager

Ikea Asian Pacific
“Shenzhen is a dynamic and progressive modern city. The city is moving very quickly towards becoming an important metropolis of international standard. Effective city planning and advanced urban facilities together with organizations to support foreign investment, and a service minded government on both municipal and district provide excellent conditions and support for companies wishing to enter or expand in Shenzhen. These conditions have helped IKEA to choose Shenzhen as a city to invest in and we are certain that the return on our investment will meet or exceed our expectations. The good investment climate and the highly effect leadership from all government departments gave us great confidence in the city and in its plans to develop economically, socially, and environmentally in the future.”
Ian Duffy,
Asia East Coast President

“Shenzhen is a vibrant, modern city at the cutting edge of China’s development, which enjoys a wealth of competitive advantages with excellent infrastructure and a service oriented government. I am delighted that Coast, the largest industrial thread manufacturer in the world, has selected Shenzhen in which to establish a major production facility. The city’s development matches Coat’s commitment to quality, service, and to growth in Shenzhen and China”
Michael Murray
Regional Chief Executive

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
“Shenzhen has a very Pro-Business Climate and a supportive government. The infrastructure is excellent and the proximity to Hong Kong gives Shenzhen an advantage over other cities in China. The rapid economic development had made Shenzhen & Guang Dong Province the most mature economy in China. Shenzhen is the place you want to be for investment”
Randy Tan
Vice President

YKK Zipper (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
“Shenzhen is a garden-like city, where a combined effort is being made by a highly efficient government and hard working residents in a superior investment environment. We are fully confident that our ambitions can be developed here, and doing our best for her development.”
Hiroaki Ohtani
Director and General Manager

Shenzhen KBL Techonology Company Ltd
“I have my good experience with NAROS in America. The assistance from NAROS is very important for my company and I will keep link with NAROS.”