Major Industries

Electronic & Information Technology Industry
Shenzhen has become China´s strategic city for R&D, production, and export of China´s electronic and information technology products. In 2010, the value of Shenzhen electronics and information technology reached 896.3 billion RMB, accounting for 88% of the city´s high-tech products’ value. Shenzhen’s electronic and information industry is divided into eight key sectors, including:

  1. Computer manufacturing
  2. Communications equipment manufacturing
  3. Electronic apparatus and component manufacturing
  4. Audio/Video device manufacturing
  5. Software industry
  6. Information service industry
  7. Medical devices industry
  8. Internet

The New Energy Industry
As more and more emphasis is being placed on alternative sources of energy, Shenzhen will be one of the leading pioneers. The New Energy Industry will focus on six categories, including:

  1. Solar energy
  2. New -energy automobile
  3. Energy storage
  4. Bio-energy
  5. Wind power
  6. Nuclear power

Modern Logistics Industry
Shenzhen´s solid economic and industrial foundation has created a favorable environment for the rapid and healthy development of its modern logistics industry. Shenzhen has nearly 4,200 logistic companies, covering every facet. Currently the logistics sector is stressing the development of automobile roll-on roll-off, cold-chain logistics, and consumption logistics. Shenzhen Logistical parks include:

  1. Airport Aviation Logistics Park
  2. Longhua Logistics Park
  3. Pinghu Logistics Park
  4. Qianhai Bay Logistics Park
  5. Yantian Logistics Park
  6. sungang-Qingshuihe Logistics Park
  7. Dachan Bay Supplementary Logistics Park

The Financial Industry
Shenzhen is an important regional financial center in China. It has one of the two stock exchanges in the Chinese mainland, SME board for SMEs, GEM for listing and financing of emerging enterprises, especially for hi-tech enterprises. Currently, the deposit and loan balance of the financial institutions in Shenzhen ranks 4th among major cities in the Chinese mainland. Its fund and venture capital account for two-fifths of the country´s total. According to the Global Financial Center Index (GFCI) issued by London City Corporation in 2009, Shenzhen ranks 5th in the world.

The Cultural Industry
The added-value of the cultural industry accounts for about 7% of the city´s GDP. Each year, Shenzhen hosts China International Cultural Industries Fair to set up a platform for the trading of cultural products. The transaction value of the 6th session in 2010 reached 108.86 billion RMB, and 10,680 overseas buyers attended the state-level fair. Shenzhen has won the title of the "City of Design" by UNESCo, becoming the 6th city winning such an honor in the world.